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Clean Binge Combo [Jumbo] (6 Teff Puffs 30g + 2 Teff Crackle 90g)

Rs 580

Crunchy savoury puffs, smooth yet crackly chocolate. Enjoy a wealth of flavours,both savoury and sweet, all the indulgence without the guilt!!

The Combo Contains - 

2x Teff Multigrain Puffs - Lime and Mint 30g
2x Teff Multigrain Puffs - Peri Peri 30g
2x Teff Multigrain Puffs - Tangy Tomato 30g
1x Teff Crackle 57% Dark Chocolate 90g
1x Teff Crackle 72% Dark Chocolate 90g

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Teff Multigrain Puffs

Loaded with the goodness of superfoods TEFF & Quinoa.

High in Protein - Teff is a Protein powerhouse as well as an abundant source of vegan protein containing all 9 essential amino acids.

Rich in essential Vitamins & Minerals - Teff is rich in Vitamin B6, Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and Vitamin C s well as minerals like Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Copper, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium & Zinc.

Low Calorie & Cholesterol free snack.

No Maida, No Added Color, No Added Preservatives, No Added Sugar.

What if Teff?
Teff is a foodgrain that originates from East Africa. Unlike other foodgrains it is rich in protein, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9, and vitamin C as well as minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and phosphorus while being gluten free.

Teff Crackle 57% and 72% Dark Chocolate

India’s First Teff chocolate with the Goodness of Prebiotic Fiber

Rich in natural Prebiotic fiber extracted from Citrus fruits, Papaya, Pineapple & Soya bean which introduces natural sweetness and reduces bitter taste of dark chocolate

Rich in Vitamin C (10% RDA), Zinc (30 % RDA) & contains 25% more protein

Prebiotic Fiber helps in absorption of Vitamins & Minerals. Improves Gut Health

Rich in Polyphenols and Antioxidants. Supports immunity.

What does prebiotic mean?
Prebiotic substances are organic compounds which promote the growth of healthy bacteria in our gut improving digestion.


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